Why Choose Dump Truck Insurance.com for Your Insurance?

Why Choose Dump Truck Insurance.com for Your Insurance?

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Why Choose Dump Truck Insurance™.com?
We Are Dump Truck Industry Specialists
For over 15 years, the agents in our Agent Network have been insuring owner operators, trucking companies, small fleets, and contract haulers hauling everything from construction materials and aggregates (sand, gravel, dirt, asphalt, clam and oyster shells, etc.) to demolition and scrap (construction sites, recycling, etc.) to waste removal. Our network covers every type of dump truck including medium duty, light duty, off road, and dump trailers. We are not an insurance company or agency. Through our Agency Network, we connect customers with the insurance professionals they need. Quotes may not be available in all areas.

As a result, our agent network understands the risks and issues for this industry, and they know the types and amounts of coverage you need. We keep you out of potential trouble. Most haulers have critical insurance coverage flaws

Our agents not only know the insurance side of the business, but they can anticipate the issues you may face.

Our Premium Insurance Carriers Specialize in Heavy Equipment
Our network uses only the highest quality insurance carriers with reputations as the premier carriers in the industry. Plus, they have special programs that can be tailored to your truck type and your organization.

Great Rates
We specialize in dump trucks, so we have tremendous buying power in the truck insurance market. We understand that hauling organizations have limited budgets, so we pass these savings along to you.

You Receive Personal Service from an Experienced Agent
We do not use assistants or representatives to handle your account. We use experienced agents with at least 10+ years experience in the industry. We believe your risks are too great and your account too valuable to hand off to an inexperienced person.

Our Reputation in the Industry
Maybe the most important reason to choose us is because of our reputation. We have been providing high quality professional advice to haulers and organizations across the country for over 15 years.

Dump Truck Insurance Experts

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